Top Website Push Notification Services to Increase Traffic & Sales

Do you want “Desktop Notifications”? How many times did you come across this kind message ?? Many times, right.Well, they are called push notifications, which nowadays is becoming an extremely common practice to incorporate. So here I am providing you with 8 of the best push notification services that are currently available online for you to use. Now you may differ with the list that I’ll be using, but rest assured these services are one of the best in their field and you must use at least one of them.

Introduction About Push Notification:

A push notification is a message that is “pushed” from backend server or application to user interface, mobile applications and desktop applications. It is more user experience specific which is different from Push technology, which pushes the requests between components such as server to server communication. A common scenario of push notification is the client application pops up a message in front of application’s user information, along with the alert sounds. The notification could also be coupled with images and hypertext link in some cases. Via interacting with the push notification it usually brings up the client applications to the front.Push Notification works on the push protocol, where an always-open server pushes updates to the client as and when they happen without waiting for an information request from the client’s side. This is subject to validation between client and the server, post which push notifications can be relayed to the client without waiting for an information request.

For local notification the application schedules the notification into local device’s OS, alternatively, set as a timer in the application itself if it is able to continuously running at the backend, and when the time of the events comes or the programmed condition of event is met, display the message in front of the application’s user interface. For remote notification it is usually handled by remote server. Under this scenario the client application needs to be registered on the server with a unique key e.g.: UUID, and the server fires the message against the unique key to deliver the message to the client application via client/server agreed protocol such as HTTP, and then the client displays the message received.

Why this List Post? What is the need of Web Push Notifications?

Like I just said, witnessing such services on almost every website you visit is such a common practice. So as to your answer is concerned about why this list post?Then your answer is, if you are inquisitive what push notifications are and how are they used by the said websites. You will get an answer here. And if you are a web developer or a blogger, then it becomes of utmost importance to you- Using Web Push notifications services on your blog.Now as to your other answer that what is the need of Web Push Notification Service, I have some handful amount of answers. First things first, it’s a purely permission based thing, so you are neither ruining anyone’s privacy nor you are annoying them in any way. Second, Web Push notification are just like what you get on your phone, like on WhatsApp or some other app.

You know, they are useful. Also, practices like Email services or SMSs or Social Media is a bit obsolete now, so why not switch to some other service?Let me also list some more benefits.Lou can send notifications to inform your subscribers about every new article you publish. Thus Increase your traffic.Use Browser/Web notifications to share various offers to your subscribers.Inform your subscribers about any news before your competitors do.Increase affiliate earnings/sales using push notifications.Take surveys.and many more benefits.

Best Website Push Notification Services

At first, let me provide you with a checklist of all those features that you get while using Wigzo.

  • Analytics / ROI Tracking
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Content / Blogging Platform
  • Direct Mail Management
  • Lead Management
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Website Visitor Tracking

Apart from these features, you get a 24*7 round customer service ( I got call from their team as soon as I signed up for them, and the lady on the other side helped me integrate it), and in case you miss the details or want to know how to work with it, you get some detailed training in the form of Documentation, Webinars and even in person.

The Special Feature about Wigzo

Well, we just discussed some of coolest features that Wigzo provides, but to be honest, you will get them is one or the other service as well. But getting them all in one place is something only Wigzo can do. And not just the above-mentioned features, Wigzo provides you with a special feature of Triggered browser notifications, which can really do wonders.Wanna know what difference can a Triggered Browser Notifications can really make.As per the factual stats, if a site uses Triggered Browser Notification Service.33% Improved Conversions are seen, especially in the customers who abandon the carts.A Click through rate of massive 26%.29% better engagement, with personalized and intelligent notifications.Wigzo provides both a free and a paid version, so you can always go with a free at first but then my recommendation, Wigzo is a solution for all your web browser notifications related needs.

FoxPush FREEEEE forever for upto 50000 Subscribers

Now we have learned a lot about Wigzo, but I understand it’s a human mentality to not get satisfied by one. We always want choices. So here is the option number two for you.Before looking at the features FoxPush provides you up, Let me tell you, it is one of the prestigious brands that can definitely get your work get services by FoxPush along with some restrictions and the rates go all the way up to $199.So if you are not looking to spend much !! This must be your pick as it allows you to enjoy benefits for upto 50000 subscribers, which is indeed a big number.

Aimtell – Re-Engage with your visitors

What I like the most about this service is the kind of variety it gives. The plans are wide and so are the features. You can choose very easily and precisely what features you want to incorporate and pick a decent plan accordingly. We will be discussing the pricing plans and their individual features but before that let us look at some of the highlighting features of Aimtell.You can send some “Instant Notifications” to all your subscribers and can drive them back to your spot.

Pushcrew – Trusted by over 2500+ Companies

Pushcrew was one such tool, which to be honest, I ignored earlier. But while I was making my research that what all Web Push Notification Services are being used over all. I actually couldn’t ignore it.The initial set up is very-very-very easy.Simply edit the default values present, paste the given authentication code in <Head> section, put in your RSS feed and it’s all done.Now let us come to the important part, i.e., the pricing and the features of Pushcrew.The Pricing comes in three different arenas and you can pick one as per your needs. You also get a free trial period but you will see many things missing there and one of the foremost thing is Mobile Push Notifications. You don’t get a notification on mobile site with free version.

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